Types of regulation: Management-based regulatory delegation

Types of regulation: Management-based regulatory delegation

This figure depicts the phases of Organizational activity that Management-Based, Regulatory Delegation and Management Based Regulatory Delegation are involved in and impacts.


10000 hours to greatness

10000 hours to greatness coming soon coming soon

80% done with my coming soon page for the site. Here are some of the features I am looking to offer.

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It depends on US

It depends on US

A picture I made during my 20-minute creativity warm-up a couple of nights ago. essentially the factor we forget in the equation is synergy. It does not just depend on me working, but it also depends on me working with others. two was and will always be better than one.

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How to make your prayers “easier”

In our second week of small groups we discussed began a more in depth look at How to pray. We noted that the structure of prayer according to the lessons of Jesus Christ, was to first address and praise Our Father, and then ask and then close out with praise again.
Even though we have this outline sometimes it is still easy to pray past a few short minutes. However, in our group we explored the structure and how to apply it build our prayer life. The result of our exploration was to call Our father by every name that we know Him as, revealed to us through revelations in the bible and out lives. In our group meeting, we were able to come up with almost 40 names. We came to the consensus that if we asked our Father for at least one thing pertaining to the names that addressed Him while opening up in praise, our prayer would become exponentially more intentional, connected, thorough and even longer as well as many other things.

Here is a graphic that you can print out and put in your prayer corner that will help you to remember who God is and what we can ask Him for while speaking with Him in prayer.

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