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A different kindof community Outreach – www.WhitesBarberCo.com


Today I finally published a website I built for a local barbershop located in Laurel, White’s Barber Co. I did the entire project refusing to take any money and sacrificing a lot of time to meet their deadlines for marketing. This was one of the first projects I put on my calendar for this year with a few goals in mind:
1. To help a business owner desiring to make a positive impact in their community
2. To make this the first year that I utilized every bit of every skill that I have to help others in need.

A lot of times we think about community outreach as making food for the hungry, or building houses for the homeless. While community outreach is this and then some, I want to spend this year (and hopefully many more years to come) expanding the scope of how we reach out to our community. I want to make 2013 where I spend time trying to help local businesses with any active, latent, refined or rusty skill that I have to help them reach their goals and dreams in hopes that our efforts will stimulate our economy in a way that economist have not thought of yet.

Join me, maybe?

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