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A different kindof community Outreach – www.WhitesBarberCo.com


Today I finally published a website I built for a local barbershop located in Laurel, White’s Barber Co. I did the entire project refusing to take any money and sacrificing a lot of time to meet their deadlines for marketing. This was one of the first projects I put on my calendar for this year with a few goals in mind:
1. To help a business owner desiring to make a positive impact in their community
2. To make this the first year that I utilized every bit of every skill that I have to help others in need.

A lot of times we think about community outreach as making food for the hungry, or building houses for the homeless. While community outreach is this and then some, I want to spend this year (and hopefully many more years to come) expanding the scope of how we reach out to our community. I want to make 2013 where I spend time trying to help local businesses with any active, latent, refined or rusty skill that I have to help them reach their goals and dreams in hopes that our efforts will stimulate our economy in a way that economist have not thought of yet.

Join me, maybe?

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Hola mis amigos!


Last week was AMAZING! We had almost 30 people to volunteer at the house throughout the day. Collectively as a team, we quickly met and exceeded the expectations that were set by the organization. We lterally amazed the staff with our commitment and willingness to put work in this house that is going to be a safe haven for victims of sex trafficking  in the future. 

So since we did such a great job and made such a great impact, WE ARE GOING BACK THIS WEEKEND! The Safe House has a grandopening next weekend and they are not quite to showcae level yet. So we are going to show up and give them a hand once again. 

I will be there circa 11am. Please feel free to show up starting then. We will watch the video from the church and then do a discussion as we volunteer. 

If you need the address again it is:  4710 Curtis ave Baltimore, MD 21226.

And as usual BRING A FRIEND! Call or text me if you have any questions. 

See you Saturday !

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