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A different kindof community Outreach – www.WhitesBarberCo.com


Today I finally published a website I built for a local barbershop located in Laurel, White’s Barber Co. I did the entire project refusing to take any money and sacrificing a lot of time to meet their deadlines for marketing. This was one of the first projects I put on my calendar for this year with a few goals in mind:
1. To help a business owner desiring to make a positive impact in their community
2. To make this the first year that I utilized every bit of every skill that I have to help others in need.

A lot of times we think about community outreach as making food for the hungry, or building houses for the homeless. While community outreach is this and then some, I want to spend this year (and hopefully many more years to come) expanding the scope of how we reach out to our community. I want to make 2013 where I spend time trying to help local businesses with any active, latent, refined or rusty skill that I have to help them reach their goals and dreams in hopes that our efforts will stimulate our economy in a way that economist have not thought of yet.

Join me, maybe?

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Hola mis amigos!


Last week was AMAZING! We had almost 30 people to volunteer at the house throughout the day. Collectively as a team, we quickly met and exceeded the expectations that were set by the organization. We lterally amazed the staff with our commitment and willingness to put work in this house that is going to be a safe haven for victims of sex trafficking  in the future. 

So since we did such a great job and made such a great impact, WE ARE GOING BACK THIS WEEKEND! The Safe House has a grandopening next weekend and they are not quite to showcae level yet. So we are going to show up and give them a hand once again. 

I will be there circa 11am. Please feel free to show up starting then. We will watch the video from the church and then do a discussion as we volunteer. 

If you need the address again it is:  4710 Curtis ave Baltimore, MD 21226.

And as usual BRING A FRIEND! Call or text me if you have any questions. 

See you Saturday !

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Community Outreach Smallgroup Update for the week of March 3rd – 9th


It has certainly been a while but I hope that everyone is okay. There have been many occurences since the last time we met; our church family has been brought to a new place of depending on God and we lost an irreplaceble pillar in our church. In times like we these we have to remember the teachings of the bible and our pastor and come together as a family and church to make it through. While I have might have been extremely busy and out of touch the past three weeks, I want to asure you all that I am here if you need someone to speak to and I am praying for each and every one of you according your personal situations.

I am excited to see everyone saturday and excited for this weekend. Thanks to folks like Duana, Becca and Alicia we have a a great community service event planned after we our video and discussion. We will be going into baltimore to help out Safe House of Hope with a very important project. Safe House of Hope is a faith based organization doing phenomenal things in the city of Baltimore to assist women involved in sex-trafficking. They are looking to open a new facility that will provide services to these women including, classes, food pick-up, counseling and shelter. We will be helping them at around noon for as long as we can in what will be an all day effort to open a new Sex Trafficking Refuge Home. I am told that we may be painting and knocking down walls so I am already excited and I hope that you all will join me to help out in this great cause.


The location of the event is: 4710 Curtis ave Baltimore, MD 21226.

We will be meeting at: 5638 Ritchie Hwy, Baltimore, MD at Noon. That means we will NOT be meeting at the church this saturday!

I love you guys and I hope to talk to you soon! BRING A FRIEND! See you Saturday !

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First Community Outreach Small Group this Saturday!



Good Morning all!

Small groups have officially started this week and hundreds of people have already met and had an awesome first group meeting. Coming this Saturday, February 10th at Destiny Harvest Church (DHC) at noon. During this kickoff meeting we will be discussing the upcoming community service events so please come ready with ideas and with the intent on connecting.

Also I am pleased to announce that Marvin Williams, a good friend of mine, will be our co-host this semester For the Community Outreach Small Group. Marvin is a member of Destiny Harvest church and a valued team member on the Tech Team, one of our Dream teams at DHC. Marvin and I are excited about the many things to come from this small group and even more excited about connecting with you all this Saturday.

If you have any questions, please email me @ mbstallw1@gmail.com. For updates on the group and to spread the word check out: http://CommunityOutreachdhc.wordpress.com  I will also be making Facebook events and promoting the community service events on twitter so when you can, follow me on Twitter (@MarcMyGreatness) and add me Facebook!

See You All Soon!

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DHC Community Outreach Small Group!

Hi guys!

I am extremely excited and honored to be the DHC Community Outreach Small Group Leader for this semester! Community outreach and service has long been one of my passions and I promise to jam pack this semester with multiple opportunities to show our community that we care! More than that, I am really looking forward to creating strong bonds with all of you and I encourage you to come to the group with the same expectations. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the group.

The first Small Group meeting will be on the 9th of February. I will try to create a calendar invite for everyone once I have everyone’s email addresses. I will post on here at minimum once a week to let everyone know about what’s coming up and any changes.

Talk to you all soon!

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