First Community Outreach Small Group this Saturday!



Good Morning all!

Small groups have officially started this week and hundreds of people have already met and had an awesome first group meeting. Coming this Saturday, February 10th at Destiny Harvest Church (DHC) at noon. During this kickoff meeting we will be discussing the upcoming community service events so please come ready with ideas and with the intent on connecting.

Also I am pleased to announce that Marvin Williams, a good friend of mine, will be our co-host this semester For the Community Outreach Small Group. Marvin is a member of Destiny Harvest church and a valued team member on the Tech Team, one of our Dream teams at DHC. Marvin and I are excited about the many things to come from this small group and even more excited about connecting with you all this Saturday.

If you have any questions, please email me @ For updates on the group and to spread the word check out:  I will also be making Facebook events and promoting the community service events on twitter so when you can, follow me on Twitter (@MarcMyGreatness) and add me Facebook!

See You All Soon!

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Teach us to number our days, to understand the brevity of our life, that our hearts may grow in wisdom.

One of the first nuggets of wisdom that we learn in life is that life is short. However, we mostly learn this through seeing it play out in someone else’s life and often fail to apply it to our own. Stumbling through the days putting off the things that truly matter, many of us end up on our deathbed regretting what we chose to spend our lives doing. Our aim has to be to become good stewards of every breath we take, every second and moment we have and even every thought that comes into our minds. Each breath, second, moment and thought presents a choice, do I live life or not? Take the last 30 days of your life for an example and examine each day, and if you can, the decisions you made that day. Now imagine how drastically different your month would have been if you made every choice mindful that your life is short. Imagine how much healthier your relationships with friends and loved ones would be if you took the time to call them instead of answering an email or watching a mindless movie, that probably in many ways does more harm than good. Imagine how much closer to your dreams you would be had you wrote down that seemingly random thought that quickened your heart; and followed through with it, instead of dismissing it and moving on. Maybe most importantly,  imagine the unexpected lives you would have changed and impacted by valuing your own life so much that you decided to live it instead of maintaining it.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits that come from numbering our days is the growing of the mind to always consider the future and value the present. Balancing these two things will undoubtedly lead to a long and prosperous life; one filled with love, fulfilled dreams and destinies, one spent well and not wasted, one cherished and not regretted. Furthermore, I submit to you that without this mindset, it will be impossible to leave a legacy and make an impact in this world of short lives and even shorter memories.


Teach us to num…

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DHC Community Outreach Small Group!

Hi guys!

I am extremely excited and honored to be the DHC Community Outreach Small Group Leader for this semester! Community outreach and service has long been one of my passions and I promise to jam pack this semester with multiple opportunities to show our community that we care! More than that, I am really looking forward to creating strong bonds with all of you and I encourage you to come to the group with the same expectations. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about the group.

The first Small Group meeting will be on the 9th of February. I will try to create a calendar invite for everyone once I have everyone’s email addresses. I will post on here at minimum once a week to let everyone know about what’s coming up and any changes.

Talk to you all soon!

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